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Join us for a one-day workshop that will introduce lean thinking and philosophy as inspired by the Toyota production system, including such topics as just-in-time delivery, process waste, master scheduling, and look-ahead planning. These and other topics will be reinforced through in-class simulation exercises that mimic real work challenges and discussions on integrated project delivery and the Last Planner System.

The workshop will be delivered by Dr. Farook Hamzeh, an Assistant Professor of Construction Engineering and Management at the American University of Beirut specializing in Lean Construction. Earning his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Hamzeh has extensive experience working on mega construction projects in Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, and the United States.

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At the Hole School of Construction Engineering, we are at the forefront of a new wave of construction engineering and management studies that apply state-of-the-art research to real-world challenges construction companies face every day. By working closely with industry partners, we are able to create tools and methods that directly and positively impact construction and those who work within the industry.

Join us for a day of learning about the cutting-edge research that our team members are spearheading and how their developed techniques can help your company improve productivity. Topics include knowledge discovery in data, the application of data mining in capital projects’ management, crane intelligence and automation, using simulation to enhance decision-making, activity-based costing, and risk analysis software, among many more. 

Guy Boston, Manager of LRT Delivery at the City of Edmonton
Interested in learning about how the City of Edmonton is managing the largest capital program in the City's history? Join Guy Boston, Manager of LRT Delivery, as he presents on the planning, engagement, design, and procurement processes of the entire LRT network and provides construction updates on the Valley Line Southeast project.

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